Seabreeze Tonalità

©Photo Credits: Ūd San Francisco Gallery | Cody Chan | Salmen Bejaoui | Tom Podmore

Presenting a modern and unfussy layout design that showcases a scarf collection inspired by the Italian seaside.

Exuding a profusion of elegance. Stylish typeface, with a bold physique, is complemented by deep graphite square shapes that gracefully adorn the edges of each page.

Each scarf design is accompanied by carefully curated inspiration photos, seamlessly blending with the designs to eloquently reveal the backstory behind the creation of this collection.

Stylish Typeface With A Bold Physique

For a modern and unfussy layout design.

Pulsating Visuals

The use of text has been consciously minimized, allowing the visuals to pulsate vibrantly throughout every page.

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